Monday, June 30, 2008

New Make Over!!

Yesterday was a tiring day for me.. altho i done nothing much but still, felt the heavy burdens in my shoulder .. Whats wrong wt me??

I'm thinking about changing my hair style, from curly to short straight.. Next week perhaps, thanks to Titty - the "make over things" ( if u know what it is :P ) i did make an experiment to my hair which one should be good on me :P

And i choose this..

Don't mind the mouth, just the hair i wanna show you :)

How's it??.. Some said i looked matured in this hair ( altho i'm trying to look young!! haha ) but i love the colour and the style :)

Will tell the progress real soon.



Kadus_Mama said...

yay!!! santik rambut ko..hehehee! mata ko kaler apa tu??

Ninie Jane said...

teda contacts tu mata tu.. kabur kalau ampai ni hehehe... sa suka ni rmbut. hehehehee

Kobie Vanessa said...

wahaha sa pun mau laaa!!Thanks to kadusmama!hehe

Little Inbox said...

Short hair looks younger, cutier. Nice.

Rosie=) said...

Love the new hair.
n yes kakak, u look older than before. ;]

Ninie Jane said...

Kobie, buat la gitu hehe

lil inbox, hehe ya, i ike the hair too :P hehe.. altho im look quite mature in dat way but love the hair still :)

rosie, thankiuuuu hehehehe...