Saturday, June 7, 2008

.. Good time together..

It's really nice to have your bestfriends around you, sharing stories, laughing all the jokes, tears for the bad and having a good time together huh?.. Been quite some times...... :) when i was in secondary school, they used to came over to my house, lepak2, karaoke ( even my late grandpa danced with us twice.. hehe ) .. looking forward for the next gathering this July :)

I went out with my buddy, Cely, her Bf Devron and old friend Aying last sunday.. we went to City Mall and Tanjung Aru Beach.. They belanja us makan2 there... hehehe... and that was the first time Cely met ipar dia.. Runcie.. altho mula2 my dear and them malu2 mau story but glad they get along so well minutes after.. kna belanja kannn.. hehehe

Cely and Aying, sambil tunggu the food :)

A candid pic.. hehe Devron and Cely... nahhh, pa suda tu dorang bisik.. hehe

Glad to meet them :) and thanks to dear for went out with us altho he was so tired.. hehe and thanks again for the Pizza on the anniversary hehee... we ate alot, dont we??..

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, still love it on the first place..

The Prawn Spagetti

Licin!!!.. hahahahaha

Chubby Dear and myself hehehe.... kuat makan kan :P

Eat, eat and eat.. i just love eating.. hehehe

Later :)


Kadus_Mama said...

phewit!!! hehehehe bukan main lago posing ko tu ninie

Ninie Jane said...

hahaha... men manja2 kunun hehehe... yaii hehehe

Kobie said... pun minta blnja makan buli ka?

Ninie Jane said...

hehee heheh tanya c salau hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

akakaka!! ada juga bah nama si salau sini!!

Ninie Jane said...

hehehehe.. ipar kadus hehehehehe

Kobie said...

hahaha ya ba Kadus!!heheh