Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh Suu Jung Vs Karl

~ Howieeee....~

Feel so tired, sleepy and didnt concentrate enough in class today.. huhu... The lecturer talk soooo soft that i cant barely hear her voice and moreover, she's the lemah lembut one... i wish, she'll speak a lil bit louder but ... emm, she's tried her best, im sure... so.. jiayou for myself... huhu

hey, last night i watched this korean movie " Oh Suu Jung Vs Karl ".. Finally, Kobie brought the Cds home.. Yipeeee!!!

It is a story about Oh Su Jung who chooses to marry a partner solely based on their wealth and backgrounds.. Dumb a fat man, Karl on their wedding day, but years after he became so skinny and is a famous and success golf player... so much to say here, i recommend you to watch this movie full of laughter, tears and happy ending for sure... hehe tell us that love eventually is not all about money or fame.. me and sister love this movie so much!!.. and i think, you should :)

Take Care!!


Kobie said...

dunno when I got time to watch dis woo..

Ninie Jane said...

sa tingu tadi tapi t'tdr hehehe