Monday, June 30, 2008

Nice surprise again!!!

I thought I'll be spending my evening today with TV and mags, but whatta nice surprise, my buddies Mimi and Cecelia came.. I miss them!!! Really do!!

It's been times i haven't meet Mimi, my close buddy and she changed alot!! i mean, really do!! From the way she speaks to the body shape ( hahaha.. i keep calling her fatty!! ) I miss her! She's been studying in Masterskill College in KL, thats' why didn't see her quite often. But, I'm glad she came.

We went to Tamu, 10 minutes walk from my house, and we talked a lot. They even stopped by at home for hours after we went to tamu, and yeshh!! Mimi finally own a friendster account ( haha she's bad in computer years before, I'm glad she's changed hahaha )

Weee.. been ages didn't step here!! Tamu..

Great buddies! with Mimi and Cecelia Cicak :P

Can't wait for the reunion this July, 6th!!

Update Lists

Belinda Yap & Alex - Confirmed!
Betharia Joannes & Allan - Confirmed!
Ninie & Runcie - Confirmed!
Cherye Goh - Confirmed!
Cecelia Johnny - Confirmed!
Rozianna James & Gary - Confirmed!
Rosemeylene J.Tan - Finally, CONFIRMED!!

Yesh! Glad Mimi able to join us!!

The road is taken,

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