Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wat happen again??

Yesterday was a disaster "again" for Sabahan. According to The Star, rumors were spreading saying that gas kiosks are closing for 3 days from Wednesday because “kiosk dealers nationwide were demanding higher commissions following the recent fuel hike.”

The paper further said that officials from Shell Malaysia and the Sabah Petroleum Dealers Association has confirmed that no such closure will happen and that a Sabah Shell spokesman said that their retail stations nationwide will continue with normal operating hours.

However, it seems that people were not taking any risks, rather believed the news and queuing up for hours! It shouldn't happen. Runcie dear was stuck in that tragic jam @Tanjung Lipat for almost 2 hours altho he's only on his way to fetch me and not to refill the tank. The traffic jam suffered more people. WTF.

It’s just too ridiculous!

The scenery from Tanjung Lipat..

And to cheer our day from the jam ( i guess?? ), we went to this Seremban Seafood Restaurant in Alamesra. It was our first time had dinner there, the service was excellent. The waitress even greeted me 'Mam' the moment she served the tidbit, guess i really look alike aunty2 that night.. hehe We ordered Tauhu Claypot (my favorite) and the sweet&sour chicken, and i ate a lot once again. Bravo!! hahaa..

Hungry!! waiting for the food..


Tauhu Claypot

Chicken sweet&sour

Licin! huahaha..

cannot thank enough :)

Don't wanna missed out, here's another picture of ME EATING in Chicken Rice Shop, 1 Borneo ~ Just another prove that I'm serious in gaining weight.. hahaha

This was so yumie!! You should try this..

The look from the food monster huahaha
P/S : If you notice my skinny bone!! OMG huhu

Sister Kobie
The food for two.

The Dessert..

And i'm on my way goin Back.. hehe Kaki penat ehh... huhu

breathing, still.


Kobie Vanessa said...

wahhh best makan!! nanti pg makan lagi (sa masak mah) hehehe!

Ninie Jane said...

haha.. steamboat drumah ja la haha