Sunday, July 26, 2009

The wish!

It's 20 minutes before 3 in the morning, and im still awake 0_0 i was giggling myself with some mags and Jay's collection but it gets bored, so internet is the only thing lingering in my mind! Went out to beach today for dinner..bump into my ex-classmates and they're nice enough for offering us the pizza huahaha.. i always loves food! anyway, it's like a night market there, everyone gathered in the same place, the parking's space was almost occupied, then the rain forced some to leave, including me and my sister.

Actually, i want to share about my Phil Tour days before but ive lost words and basically, my mind was empty for the last couple of days. My head is spinning around, worst than a roller coaster and holiday is the only medicine can cure the disease! Nothing more exciting than a touring to the country you've never been before. Sadly, Jakarta seems to be loaded with bombers! .. and Australia is consumed more H1N1 cases. But whatever it is, It is not the right time to go for traveling. Money, Money come to me.. hehe

here's two of the pictures i managed to upload today.. Both were in Manila, where the city is loaded with illegal vendors in every part of the city. The traffic light seems to be invisible for them, green, orange or red dont make any difference. 2 ways become 3 ways. I dont think i can survive to drive here. haha

This is PUG: Public Utilities Gip
or known as the public transportation, it's so weird to see the people jumping out from it, or jumping in while the Gip still moving. hehe

This was taken at Rizal Memorial Park..the park full of revelers.. who frolicked each other and roamed with the nature.. enjoying the late May afternoon, perhaps, even now. It was an amazing to know that such beautiful place would be just across the ocean. The people are very helpful and friendly unlike the one we found in Sabah itself.

but if you wish to go out from the enormity man-made city for awhile, think about travelling, to the place u've never been. See how you will react to the difference.. I always wanted to go every part of the world, be unlimited with the desire.. but MONEY delays the plan. bagus kan. huhu

I hope i can make it someday. In my early 30's or 40's. who knows what to happen kan.. hehe well, i should be on my bed now.. till then, Tata! =)

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