Saturday, July 25, 2009

When your close friend happened to be someone's belonging!

I overheard my colleague talked about love and affairs and ive been in that shoes before, it's felt wrong and stupid. It was years before when i was still studying, i was officially not attached to anybody that moment, i was all by myself.. to see my friends were soo in love with their boyfriends, makes me longing for someone to lend me his arms. I felt so alone!
then, there was this man. My bestfriend gave him my number after we first met at this open space restaurant.. he kept texting me, everyday. We then agreed for a meeting at the campus' library which changed the circumstances from where it supposed to be! it was a mistake. He continued called me everyday after the meet.. and started to call me like i was his. I was in class when suddenly an unknown number text me:

" is this Jane? "

Me : em.. ya, but im not sure if im Jane u r looking for.

10 minutes [ or sort of ]

" Ohh.. ok! Do you know this number 016 - [ i forgot!] "
it was the guy's number.

Me: Why?

20+ Minutes later

" Is he your boyfriend?"

Me: Why?

The person replied

" Im asking you, is he your boyfriend? "

Oh, this person reminds me of the highschool moment! lol. seriously.

i goes " listen sweetheart, you suddenly SMS me without introducing yourself, and asking me this rubbish thing, how you expect me to reply you in a polite way?.. anyway, he is not "

The person replied
" Okay thanks. Wrong Number!"

But im pretty sure it was his girlfriend! and i assumed she was in class that takes time to reply me. or, maybe she was discussing with her friends what to say. I dunno. Dont even bothered to know. But.. well, how poor the girl. and i was indeed surprised to know this guy has a girlfriend. I forgot to ask him at the first place! I stopped contact the guy ever since eventho he kept calling me and texting me. Yes, i did almost fall for him but im glad it didnt happened. Im glad the Gf text me before i say YES to this guy. cause the outcomes might be worst!

Anyway, it was a lesson for me! lol.

I think that moment, i wasnt really into him. just that, i was jelous seeing my friends with their lovers.. :P hahaha I have to see the reality with the eye of my heart, not with the eye of my head. It might be a little bit sad but it's alright, it's not like i'll be spending the rest of my life alone. :P Thank God ive found my dear now :):)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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