Thursday, July 30, 2009

Morning Rain

The boss went our for awhile, for some kind of meeting.. It feels great whenever she's not around. haha yes, it's a cruel confession but at least im being truthful to myself and you, right? :P Anyway, it was raining heavily this morning, and it's really hard for me to move myself from bed, and how i wish i'll have more times to sleep, especially when the weather supports me to.. since the drenching rain continued beating against the window, i woke up with sighed and made myself to the bathroom. Minutes later, my man appeared on the door, which is a true blessing :P i don't have to wet my attire early in the morning and run in the rain =) he saves me from the rain :D As early as 9.30am, the sky finally stopped crying, the sun slowly make its moved to spread the light to the city. somehow, i still feel cold and it reminds me of the coldness at the mountain back then. I miss the place so badly. but life has to goes on even some of my part have been left behind at the paradise =) Maybe i can have a little visits to that place someday. Hopefully with God's will. or perhaps, with Sabahair Aviation helps. haha with a free helicopter rides. who knows. haha

well, guys.. happy thursday ^^

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ZARA 札拉 said...

Happy Thursday to u as well dear!