Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The day she turned 16?

Friendship isn't a big thing
....,....It's a million little things.

Thanks for your friendship,
Happy Birthday Dato' Farah @ Ferry! :D on July 21st 2009 [ and 4 the previous years! ]

Went to BB Cafe last sunday to celebrate Farah's birthday
the birthday lady belanja us, eat til there's no space left. i was truly blessed that night since i can have any types of food i want! and i dont have to pay for it! whoaa! :P
anyway, to Farah.
Thank You So Much!

she didnt noticed the cake was there.. certainly because she was extremely busy with her darling pda.
The best thing about the whole hours was, we were entertained with love songs by the Tagalog singer and they are gifted to have such beautiful voices =)
well, will update again soonest!

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