Thursday, July 23, 2009

The memory that lasted forever~

With a little glimpse of the past, which im not normally doing, i thanked God for what i have now. I think it's sucks to still clinging with the past, wishing you could turn back the time and doing the right thing, to pretend " No, i wont changed anything if i have a chance to" and the fact, you're still swimming in the pool of histories. It's killing and personally, i think it is a stupid things to do. No matter how deep the pain might be, Let Go is the best we can do to move on.
Looking back to the yesteryear, im indeed thanked for the memories.. cause i tend to think of losing my loved ones anytime, anywhere and afraid of not having enough times to tell them how much i care. That is my greatest fear in life.

2 years ago, i was lying on the floor.. chit chat with my dear friend, bbey. we talked alot, we used to talked about loves, guys, foods or SOMETIMES, studies.
It was a day AFTER i sat at the side of the beach - nearly around 10pm to 3am with this guy ive known for like, several days.. that was actually our third time went out together! It's not the usual ME to go out with a stranger, foremost, MAN, when every body is bubbly-sleeping.... It's certainly not the usual me!
But this guy, is different! there's something about him that attracted me to get closer and i thought, why not spending some time together? My sister gave me a green light to have a time for myself and it had changed my life, for ever. I think im halfly losing my sanity that moment! haha we were randomly talked about life when i suddenly told him to give up since im not ready for any relationship, he goes
" why should i, if i have the chance? "..

i was like " PROVE ME!"

and without his knowing, he actually proved me he's for real. His face was on my mind the whole day and man, i wanna kill myself! Bbey was laughing seeing me that way, she said i was insanne, cause i rolled my body to the left and right.. just to make sure i was doing the right thing or not? to text him or not to?

and i did text him!
he replied:
"yes, hi.."
i straightly type:

" Do you know why God creates gaps between our finger? "

he goes;

"No, Why?"

I replied;

" Cause He creates someone to fill the gaps and holding your hand forever"

he said;

" Oh.. nice.."

i was like........

" Do you want to fill my gaps? " [*pengsan*]

and he replied:

" Really?"

That next morning, i woke up with smile when he text me;

" Good Morning Sunshine!"

A new chapter has begun! :D

" You will never know true love until you have truly loved "

Cheers! :D

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