Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Burfday and the feeling being OLDER!

No one gave me a cake on my birthday.
which cleary means, i didnt celebrate it in any way on that day.
harhar no hurt feeling!
But 2 days after the Quarantined over, [ days after my birthday ] my sister brought me to Kg. Nelayan for steamboat dinner. She want the party to be surprised actually, like, she told my Bf to zip his mouth, so i'll be surprised to see him joining the dinner.. which didnt turned out the way she wants it. harhar. It's complicated to explain but she blew out the truth, before we reached the place. cause i kept asking her alot of questions, and to stop me from talking, she broke the words and told me the supposedly-plan :P
Jeng!Jeng! This is my cake. Chocolate Cake
Oh, if you wondering why the smiley was on the cake, ask my sister.
another candles' blowing,
another wishes were made,
another number was added,
another feeling i have to bear..
feeling OLD?
i shoudlnt be.
Cause basically, Age is just a number.
and sometimes tend to forgot my age! seriously.
to my dear buddy Moi and Cousin Dodoy,
Happy Belated Birthday To you two on 04 and 05 July 2009.
I opened my eyes to see the world and but my view was blocked by both of you, cause you two crying so hard, breaking the silent in the entire wad, as a newborn baby i cant get mad nor i cant yelling cause that moment, i knew we'll going to be bestfriends forever :P


Anonymous said...

ahahaha apa la ur sis....hilang suspen....ko pun byk tnya...wakaka....nda bah....anyway happy belated birthday k....

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

hehehe.. yaba, hilang ni surprised hahaha.. thankiuu connie :D