Thursday, July 16, 2009

the pictures and the stories.

my boss had a meeting inside, so sa curi tulang dulu sikijap hehehe.. just to share what ive been up to recently.

I accompanied my childhood-buddy to Paris Bridal last sunday for gown fitting... she looks fab in those gorgeous wedding gowns.. i was like T.T, mcm mau nangis juga la haha i said to her
" moi, pengiring teda baju khas ka dari sini?"
and she goes " emmm...."
then we went to my buddy, beth's house.. to kacau dorang resting haha dis is her youngest daughter... besar sd ni

this is our new doggie, name " not-yet-have-a-name" hehehe..

this is the view i took myself on the way to Clark Airport. So beautiful!! :)

and this, the picture of myself staring at the sunset.. through the office's window.. hehehe
that's it for today, have to take my lunch now. The second floor food court officially open today, the decoration is fantastic!! beyond than what i had imagine it would be :)


Mama Mia said...

wah, hari-hari ko dapat tingu sunset o kan..sioknya!

belleOFranau said... gomoi mau kaween suda...wah!!! send my congrats to her ar...di mana pula tampat karja ko skrg ninie?

sHeiLa said...

sioknya sunset.. i love sunset and if i got a chance, i will spend my evening at the beach to watch sunset :)

Anonymous said...

wah beautiful green n blue view there.....