Monday, July 20, 2009

Awesome Weekend!

The heading tells the story :P
i did actually =), My younger/est brothers went back home, tho it was difficult for the youngest to make it home since his boss /MIL is the hardest person to communicate with. hahaha oh, i'll be suing for telling this. but she is. Im sure she have the other sides that will makes me like her someday. Anyway, my other brother went back from Johor, he thought he have a week off, but his in-charge asked him to work today -_- means, he have to go back to Johor 5 days early than expected!

Daddy's birthday was memorable.. at least, for me! cause it was my first time hugging him and said i love him. haha really, it was the first time. My dad is not the type of person who will hug you to comfort you, who will say daddy loves you when the children needed, who will tells bed tome stories.. No, he is not that type. I was raised with his garang attitude, but instead of seeing him that (garang) way, ive seen him as a scarifying father like, No matter what you have done, i'll be there for you. The way he express his action shows us that he do care :) i cannot remember when the last time he had a cake on his birthday, 5-7 years? i dont remember. We were too busy :'(

He told us not to sing a birthday song but we want to! You should see his smile. hehe
It's been times since the last time our family gathered.

You know like some people said, the childhood moment is the best part in your life's journey. Cause everything seems easy and you dont take things seriously like we do now. You dont cursed and you loved. Yes, Time went off so fast!

Anyway guys, have a great day!!

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