Thursday, July 16, 2009

To You, Dear Friend.

I didnt type your name but im sure, u'll eventually know it is you im talking about.
Im sorry i didnt spend most of my times with you and talk to the phone, like we used to do. I wish we could have the best moment together like what we used to do, eating together, share the stories before going on bed, guys, study again. been times since the last time we've shared the same food or shampoo or what so ever, right.

anyway, i found out today.... that you've been suffering for days, or maybe, months.. fighting with your own feeling and emotion..WHY YOU DIDNT LET ME KNOW? we're all know it's not easy. esp when you're on your own, without telling me, or anyone to figh with it. I cannot told you what to do and what not to, tho if i can, i wont. Cause the last time i advised you on this matter, it turns worst.. and the hurting actually continue, without my knowing.. until today.

Girl, dont be sad. Dont be anything that will hurt you and yourself. If you cannot decide, then let it. Sometimes, it's okay to let things happen - just happen like that. If you cannot carry the burden anymore, then let it go.. go with the flow, whatever happens -.. happen. If he's / it's meant to be with you, it wont go anywhere. No matter how far he has gone from you, remember.. if he's the one, the destiny will bring you two back together..

the world is full of surprises. We never know what will going to happen. But whatever it is, im sure it happen for the best reason. so my friend, free your mind. Dont hurt yourself while you, in the other hand, can make yourself happy.. why to worry? you still have a long journey to go .. and it's waiting for you to discover. after all, life must goes on.. so do love! If today, things didnt work out, try tomorrow .. if tomorrow didnt work out also, try the next day. Remember you once told me, God gives us 24 hours! :):):)

To be Happy or not to be? Your Choice!
Cheer Up Friend! Remember the good times and you'll realize that Life isnt that bad after all.

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Anonymous said...

everything happens for a reason...have Faith in Him....(2 ur friend)