Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Damien so sweet..

My allergic is killing me *duh... wish i can make it go away!! wtf. I went to bed around 3.05am last nite.. quite late than usual, thanks for the itchy things huhu... i'm suffering here!!! O gosh, hope tonite wont be the same nite. ( waaaaa...)

I went out with Sister in law, Doey today.. weeee.. gotta meet Damien Ryan, the smart kid! I'll never get bored with him. He's just too smart to play with. :) Damien got his hair done today, and he's just like an army with the bold head hahaha... We went to manicure, bakery, eat ( my fav! ) and shops.

Damien wt the Playhouse Disney

Damien helping his dad lap itu kayu golf hehe

And it's July 1st. It's Sani's Birthday. Happy birthday 2 you monkey sani!! hahaha.. but been times didnt get in touch with him since the day he and Abeng declared as a couple. hehehe... im really good in matching people :P But I'm retired now.. for real :P

Lit and Abeng
Gotta go.


I was updated my blog when suddenly Damien came to me, and play wt this keyboard.. He just cannot get his hand out from this, I'll be not surprised if he's own a fs or facebook account in age of 5 haha.. ~ silly jokes.
Well, to stop him from play this, I let him see mickey mouse played in You tube. but the serve was suck, if u know what i mean. so, i click on Mickey Mouse Playhouse and Damien has been the most Kuai kid in the world. His eyes was just for Mickey. He even sang with him. hehe..

He's growing up!..

Cold nite tho,


Kobie Vanessa said...

Mien!! aaa I miss him terribly wooo!!

Kobie Vanessa said...

Mien!! aaa I miss him terribly wooo!!

Ninie Jane said...

hehe dia ksi suap sa kmrin, momom dia bilang hehehehe