Thursday, May 12, 2011

7-Heaven Dessert Parlor

quite moody today. felt completely lost and headache all day. probably, because of the person i currently get annoyed, or, too much not-so-important-things-but-do-it-anyway. they indeed proved me how evil in human form, really do exist.

anyhoo, my man took me out today. he fetch me from work, went to see movie, to the mall and just when i need him to cheer me from my bad day, he goes otherwise.

'you looks fat'

and i started to get really-really moody.
i knew he did not mean it in a bad way, but fat seems to be a sensitive word for me nowadays.
one Vietnamese & one local had congratulate me for having a 'child' inside.
and yes, i am not pregnant.

but the restaurant he took me somehow smells nice.
it calls '7-Heaven Dessert Parlor'

oh look! it is an ice cream hanging there!

how cool is that?

i only had cola float tho.
let's see what i'll have for dinner in my next visit :)

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