Sunday, May 8, 2011

Halau Bapa

His son kicked this father out of the house, basically because the son is so stupid & moron! oh my gosh, poor this old man.

how on earth could the son kicked his father out of the house just because this father question his daughter-in-law 'kenapa tidak tutup tingkap waktu senja'.

relax 'son', it's like he's going to kill your wife by asking that.

more sadly, this father beg them to let him in, but get ignored, and end up walking alone in the street to find shelter to rest. until Jabatan Kebajikan found him wandering around. He is now safe with JKM.

i beg you, don't be like this 'son'. please.

*source, berita harian

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AnnieMing said...

I pity the father :( The son should not do that to him for such a small matter.