Monday, May 16, 2011

Hear Me ROAR!

Howiee, Second post for the day!

i was thinking of ironing my baju kurung just now, and remember .. BISUK CUTI!!
Happy Wesak Day, people! :D

I realized that ive been constantly talk about the guy i am dating now :) I indeed would rather keeping our stories ourselves, rather than telling the world that we seeing each other, but HEY! what if tomorrow never comes? and the last thing you wanna do is telling the world you're in love?

my oh my. Life is really really short to live with REGRETS.

and have anyone told you, regret is soo painful?

it is, guys. it is. even the greatest bandage cant heal the wound. the scar still there mah kan. the best thing to do, is avoid being regret. :D HAHA me and my dear met in an ugly way, i have to admit. but things happened and i cannot undo or rewrite the past. He's been there through good and bad times. He lifted me up when i need it badly. He shows me the way when all i can think is get hitting by a car & die, or, eat lots of pills, overdose and die. He told me to be strong in my weakness moment. He cried to see i have to bear all the pains. He encourage me with every words. He gives me reason to stay on. and all i could do is run away & hiding from the truth. It was
another incident where my brain refuses to accept the situation. The sadness pierces me like a dagger. But that was over a year ago. I am really glad things goes well ever since :) I am taking every chance i have now, to tell him how much he mean the world for me, and how i thanked him for still loving me, especially in my weakest time.

We're getting better, i hope. cause i am tired to starts all over again.
The future is hard to predict, but lets just cherish each moment we have, will you? :)

o yea. ninie is getting emo. likeeeeeeeee, ALWAYS! Fiff!

ahh, seriously. forget what i said. im just being a lady who started to think does the world moves upward or backward? or not moving at all?


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