Friday, May 6, 2011

what? Is it May already?

noooooooooo wayyy!! It's the freaking MAY already!!!!!
5 months left, and im still hanging around.
good news! weee :D

anyhoo, we, somewhat got a news that VV++ IP is coming to our office this morning, so all of us, including the exec, chief cashier, Boss himself, were cleaning the entire office yesterday. it's been pretty messy since we lost our tea lady months ago.

and, Tadaa!

part of my table. i think ive done a good job mixing it up. even it got commented by my exec,

'waa.. pretty nice ho jane! macam d tadika ni'


but today went pretty well indeed. i was elated to hear all the information lively from her, of how we're going to start the Smile Campaign and such. it goods to participate this kind of thing :)

Anyway, it's Friday... wonderful as it sounds.
obviously because we entitled for 2 hours rest :P

me and yana had our lunch at Restaurant 88, Sim-Sim,
my, it is heavenly veauuthiifull!!
take a look this pic!

that's Yana!

more weight gained, stressful it become. sigh.
no worries, no worries, no worries.

give me 1 month, and i'll lost my belly.

happy friday guys :D

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