Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twin Otter?

no, seriously, i dunno how to spell this otter thing.

i was in kk since last Saturday, to meet my dearest sister and adorable Khayla (She is sooo lovable!) i flew with Mas wings again, on my way to kk and trust me, that moment, i seriously thought the plane was going to collapse in any minute, strongly because it was too small for the heavy rain & the strong wind. it shake and moved really hard, it suddenly fell below and started to shake again. and i saw some lights coming from the window, might be the plane's neon but i assumed it was a thunder.

Gosh, i was so panicked!
all of us screamed for like 5-10 minutes, and i saw a couple hugging to each other, how sweet :) but i was so alone in my row :( all i got is my chair to hold tight! and my other hand was looking for my phone, you know, just in case. the children started to cry, we're all screamed... my God, the fear seized me! my hand perspired, shake too hard and so do my heart beat. It wasnt really stable even on its landing!!!

Trust me, it was the longest 45 minutes ever in my whole life!!!

i swear it would be my last flying with poker.

until i got back yesterday.
janji tinggal janjiii... lol!

anyway, i was greatly shocked when we're already on board. i was so like this,

' .. seriously?? '

My, why must the plane would be that SMALLER! i started to feel hot, and cold, shaking.. i was certain everyone around me could hear my heart beating. there's no way i could turn back to find Boeing or Airbus! and there's no way i could run away like a crazy maniac begging for a big plane, well at least, a bit bigger than that??! .. as a record, there were only 5 of us on the Twin Otter.

we all got the window seat! and it still failed to calm me.

i started to get panicked when they told me we'll be transit to Kudat before heading to Sandakan. -__-
oh great, 45 minutes + 40 minutes = 85 minutes of misery! so then my panicked mind raced as fast as my fingers on my phone pad. & instead of pretending to fall asleep along the way, pretending to not know i was on the smallest plane, i prayed and leave all my worries to Him.

God, You're in charge now.

and wow! i never thought flying with Twin Otter could be that exciting!! i even got to see Simpang Mengayau from the top, it was so breathtaking views along the way. and i dont have to be Stewardess to talk with the pilot. how awesome!

here's the Twin Otter,

funny was, my bf was shocked and laughed real hard when i pointed him the Twin Otter soon after i reached Sandakan Airport.

he goes
"gila! ingat kapal poker besa ja.."

i replied
"NAH KAN!!!!"

he continue laughing. cis! i was scared to death and he still can smile2 and laugh2!

that's it.


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