Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day, Guru :D

Gooood morning!
Happy teacher's day 2 all teachers out there! N yes, to GTO a.k.a great teacher onizuka spcially. Lol!

To my teachers, Im sorry ive been bad in d class, n was dis so-called gangster wannabe. HAHA Altho, i cried once front of my buddies and d CIKGU DISPLIN. Haha but, without u teachers, i wont be there, blogging thru my lousy hp, haha, seriously, without ur taught n ideas, i might end up loafing around d street, wasting most my times with nothing, Or, might still depending on my dearest parents 4 monthly pocket-money.

I am greatly thankful for being punished when i scored bad, all the stress and 4 everything u guys have done 4 me. It makes me who i am today :)

PEACE \(^-^)/

Anyway, my man created dis quote on his fb. I know pretty well that he's talking about me. Basically, he wrote 'no saving but more shopping' ..

and gladly, most of his friends replied:

a) Pelaburan bha tuuu~ (i say, PELABURAN YANG BIJAK :p you can sell it afterwards, good or what? )
b) Datinn Sukkkaaa supinggggggggg!! (i say, everybody does! :D)

Haha my gosh. I am seriously addicted 2 online shopping since last 2009, you know, when i had my first salary :P I aware enough of how myself cant control by not clicking dat order form. To be frank, 2 receive parcel, open it, try it on, shows it to my bf & bff, leave it hanging beautifully inside the wardrobe.. my, it is such a wonderful feeling! :D

dear, i try la ho. Slow n steady :).
Dats it.


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