Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i wanna sing my heart out loud!

why everything has to be bitch today?

something is totally wrong with my fan! im thinking of getting an air conditioner but is there any way i can get it without pay more? you know, in a good way?

i am desperately need one!!!! :((((

my bf a.k.a bestfriend forever a.k.a batman forever a.k.a baldi fulll!!
a.k.a you-know-what | and i seems to have a big issue today and i still have not received any text from him. i am tooooooooooooooooooo moody to call him! nah, it's okay!

my broadband is such a loser. it keeps disconnecting and i have to pull & stuck it back in different USB for d countless times!!! gila babi tul ni celcom. babi pun tia gila begini. cis!

i hate seeing Finn & Quinn get back together, leaving Rachel in disguise & sadness. i hate it! and i almost cry seeing Rachel in hurt :((

im a freak, i know.

my itchy isnt getting any better. im running out of cream, i can only buy it in Ranau. and im miles away from home. i so not into allergic thing :(

and my gosh, why Malaysia Airlines has to be so costly just tooooo fly to kk?
i wanna go home :((

i miss home.
i miss my family.

& this weekend, im packed with this Maybank activity.


i miss my late koko :(((

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