Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Break the silence pls.

Im glad it's four pm already!! cause u know, waiting is painful. the office seems to be sooo quiet today ~ and im suffered to death. Headache, headache.. cause i cant stand the silence -_- i saw my colleague trying her best not to sleep. Thank God, im not the only one suffering here haha

anyway, im a little bit mad at our driver cum office boy today. He is attached to her wife like a maid. He is the maid and the wife is the boss. Whatever happen in their marriage @ relationship, i dont actually really care. since i have my own life to take care of. But when it has something to do with work, esp the urgent one, then it'll be my business.

cause i'll be the one who get the blame... Yerk, i hate it when it comes to this point. I hate when the MD started to become a lion. it's useless. it'll only distract the mood and delay the works. another excuse for me to go downstairs and do window shopping. AND usually, it'll ended up with buying a plastic of kuih-muih / foods. The good reason why i gain another 2kg this month.

well, it's almost 5pm now. haha fyi, we fasten the clock 15-10 minutes. clever one! in the morning also have to come 15 minutes early then.. clever one?

well guys, drive safety. remember, live life to the fullest! ;)

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C.Alv.B said...

In our office, we make the time clock 10minutes earlier so that we can go back 10 minutes earlier too.. hehehee