Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So busy today, i truly sympathize with my leg. It has to run 100 miles per hour. I need a superb leg massage now! and it shouldnt be me, the one who pay the bill. The management!! The Insurance company let me waits for almost 1 hour, they're freaking slow.

Bus!Bus! im sooo tired to handle this New Bus! what happen to the runner who supposedly do the things? He got his pay but im the one who do his business! [ ninie, seriously.. stop complaint! ]

But anyway, my boss again puji2 me today muahahaha.. but the compliment have nothing to do with my work =_= or because she knew my plan to resign? . . . will consider the plan after June. Yeah.

Well guys, take care~ ^^

p/s : Easter is coming!!

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