Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday isnt that bad after all~

My boss compliments me today!!
and my nose starts to ^0o^/ ^o0^\^00^
kembang kempis ba! hehehe

now i dont want to resign la,
baru kana puji pun trus tia mau??
see la how :P

edited: 1249 hrs

It's 1 minute before 1am, It's Sunday guys.
see, times do running pretty fast.

im not sleepy yet ; i slept at 3pm and woke up at 1930+ hrs something, a strong reason why im still sitting here. My bed have-not-yet call me.

i tried my sister's lingerie just now, not the private one! :P the one for belly. Since i noticed my belly jadi buncit suda. so, it's better i do something to prevent it become more besar.. hehe and u know what, i dont fit the lingerie. I have to pushed all my lemak before i can finally button it all. haha kan, im really getting fat. i tried it on for like 15 minutes.. but it makes me dizzy.

maybe i wear it in a wrong way. haha

will try again. I let you know whether it works. haha
i celebrate my first diet moment with this Mamee snacks. No, it wont add extra calorie in my body.... ya ka?

I forgot that i have couples of movies waiting for me to watch.

Ninie signing off guys,
Have a great sunday!



KaDusMama said...

Ahak!!! Corset kah ko p try tu?? Itu memang ketat tu..saja mau kasi nampak badan kurus kan..akakaka

Mama Mia said...

hehe...bulih ka ko bernafas dgn pakai corset ninie? mcm sengsara sj tu mo pakai benda...:)