Saturday, April 11, 2009


Im going home, back to the place where i belong.. La La..

Im home ^-*, im glad im home. really am. [ terharu ni balik ruma :P ]
We went back last friday wt sis' fiance around 11 something, i cant really remember the exact departed time, but we sempat singgah my ex-campus :) my sister mau hantar assignment ba.

so, i managed to snap some pics la to share :)

The sea view. My friends used to lepak here after class / Exam

The part view of the pejabat.

The view.

Meniru adalah satu kesalahan!
Banner for Examination ba ni.

Oooo, here's me. Kegilaan melanda. hehehe

the place still the same, nothing changed. Oh, another parking space for students was added.. At least, something did changed hehe

i met my old ex-classmates here in Ranau, so glad!
whatelse? whatelse?

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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Rest well..take care