Thursday, April 2, 2009

May June - Money!!

April's fool, teda yang kasi kana sa hehehe... everyone busy with their works, even myself la.. awal bulan do many things to submit kan.. ive never actually celebrate April's 1st.
Minor tricks saja laaa.. hehe

Phew! again, i felt like im letting go the times just like that, and i havent yet, earn something, like going overseas or own a car? Suddenly i regret for not furthering my studies, suddenly thought of working at the mountain again, suddenly thought of resigning my current job
[ i told u, i have million thoughts in my mind ]

everyone does, right
........... is it?

And suddenly i thought the importance of money!
if you asked me how important money is, i would say, not-so important and money shouldnt be the first in your list. That's my My answer for 10 years back then.
There's a drastic incremental in prices [ houses, cars, furnitures ..etc.. u name it ] , the debts is flirting and going to attach you, no matter how far you try to avoid yourself from this invisible along, it'll come closer. so, Kasih kuat iman!!!

See, the kuih muih you buy, WAS MYR1.OO for 5, NOW?? MYR1.oo for 3 ( if you're lucky) or 2, some 1 ONLY. Makin mahal orang bilang. What to do kan, the living standard makin tinggi.. anyway, i should learn to save now =_=

I need money for my May and June's trip.
i cannot ask from my dad/mum already ; im halfway to 30's and im working. Dont make any sense to ask money from them anymore, right? i should be the one who pay their bills.
Lecture me, go on.


ba, pa lagi bilang.. stop being shopaholix and kasi jimat duit!! hehehehe

Happy Thursday Guys ~ :)


C.Alv.B said...

Memang mau kena budget in other to save.. beli apa yg penting dulu..

Just said...

Hi there. Living standard mmg makin ari makin tggi!! Keja d KL gaji RM2-RM3k pun nda sukup. Pa lagi kalau ada family! Mmg mau jimat. Tp sometimes terbabas jg. Huhu...

Asking from parents?? Dulu yes, now sia yg bagi. Nda bnyk pun at least something as appreciation.

Palan2 ko aa.. ;p