Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dine at Gunter's Gasthaus

Me, hubby and Sis Kobie went to Gunter's Gasthaus, located in Likas last thursday.
It's my bro's gf's Restaurant actually, we promised them so many times to come over but only managed to fulfilled the promise- on that day.. :P

The place is so damn pretty! Decorated beautifully with all the flowers inside, German Touched!

A Perfect Deal for Romantic Dinner!

I cant read the menu [ my mind didnt work properly that time:P ] so i ordered what my brother suggested, and it has something to do with October Fest?

the salad? Eat all you can.

and my brother did the sausage :) Home made sausage, that's why it cost pretty high. He done the delicious fried rice too! I almost forgot how big he is already.

Jasmine and Riky.

I dont care about the diet-ing process anymore cause i cant resist the charm of the foods.... uhhh.... I think, the times you didnt spend with food is wasted. haha

Happy sunday guys! :)

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Mama Mia said...

wah nyumm nyum...

sedap kan tu sausage d Gunther's..the salad pun nice kan...

lama suda sia tia mkn sana, mcm satu tahun suda o...hehe....