Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Freak

hello guys!
happy coming saturday .. i have this strong feeling that im not going to like my saturday morning. I have to go work baaa.. malasnya.

but it's okay, we put that feeling aside. It wont change the day no matter how badly i complaint, right? True or not? [ my Boss' favourite words! True or not? ] hehe

went to 1B with hubby today, kesian him.. overloads of projects! You know the best thing to cure the headache is to let it out, and free your mind. The longer you keep it stays in your head, the more pressures you'll get. Result? Glooming, Pimples, potential of suicide, anti-social.. Relax, there's gotta be more to life.

true or not? [ omg, i sounds exactly like her ]

anyway, my mum came back from Jakarta few weeks ago with a new style! I almost didnt recognize her for God's sake. Me and hubby's brother's fiancee waiting patiently for them at this arrival gate [ did i mentioned it was the same day i lost my dearest Hp? ] and a group of mothers came to us,

i was like "... Mami!!! "

She wore a wig.

A long wig.

I saw my dad smiling cause my mum never had a long hair for the past 10 years, or more.
hehe and all the aunties wearing the same!

me and sister then try it once we're in this hotel, where mum&dad staying.
the result?
I love the wig!! It's pretty cheap if you bought in Jakarta, just thousand Rupiah, i dont remember the figure. Mum bought two pieces
[ Curly brown and curly black ]

and i stick it to my sister's after i did mine, she said she looks like the HE-SHE groups @Kg. Air [ if u know what im talking about ], just need add fake-eye-lashes and make-up, the heavy one! hehe

but i think it looks lovely.

We then went to Kg. Air for dinner

[ i wish my brothers were there also ].

i had two laici ping... seriously, it's for me.
and dad ordered these for our hungry stomach :P

the Kimono's im wearing makes me look like a 7-month pregant lady. [ im in love with Kimono's dress nowadays!!!! ]

it's feel nice to spend times with my parents :)

till then, take care guys :)


★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

aduss..napa ko ampai gmbr mcm pundan sa tu, hahahha!!!

belleOFranau said...

hahaha..manada nampak cam pundan...hahaha..wah..sioknya...i want to indonesia-ing too lah....jom pigi ramai2... ^_^