Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I know ive should be thankful for the offer i got but instead of doing that, im hit by this dilemma term. [ No matter what i do, All i think about is you.. soundtrack :P ] Yesterday the person in charge of the Korean Tourism Company called me for an interview this afternoon ; IM EXCITED! but the problem is, im attached with my work at this used-to-be horrible company already, the boss had finally "fell in love" with me, the work time suits me and i can surf the Internet all day long [ Muahaha ]. but im eager to work with that korean company, what it feels like to have a korean boss.

i dont know if i should go.

Wait, it's only an interview! who say i get the job?? ~ Perasan! :P but im the only one they called for interview.

It's 11 Am already, hours left before afternoon. God, have mercy! Im stuck in the middle. I dunno what to do.


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doLp_fwiNa said...

wish u da bez of luck ya sis..
juz face it..