Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Office Karaoke-ing

since my PC is the only one attached with speakers, my colleague officially announced me as a office-DJ hehe I googled YouTube and played the clips in row. My choice = Oldies songs. Haha i find it funny cause they actually loves the song, even the MAN and We locked the door to avoid anyone interrupt our kior-thing ni. :P

First song " That's why you go away "
Rated : 4 star
Background singer : Three of us, Me, Poh & Ten

Second song " Puppy Love "
Rated : 1 + Star
Background singer : Ten ONLY

Third song " Love me tender "
Rated : 2 Star
Background Singer : Everyone dreaming away!

Fourth song " Only You"
Rated : 5 star
Background singer : Three of us!

Fifth song " ilham ku"
Rated : 5 star
Background singer : We love this song!

The volume was at its maximum, fyi. macam jual Cd saja ni office. hehe Then suddenly, Mr ***** came in, one of the BOD of this company. We forgot he got a key baa...

Him : why you guys locked the door eh?
Poh : ... To avoid the salesman lor.
Him : oo, the person came in ar just now?
Poh: Ya lor.

He went back to his office [ next door ] and we starts singing again. hehe

Oh, and if you wonder why, my boss went to the clinic and have not yet come in. Yes, you can tell how happy we are now haha.. plus, three of us saja ba d opis, the rest got tour. I prayed they'll come after working hours or tomorrow ka hehehe Next day after tomorrow ka, next week ka... hehehehe :D

anyway guys, take care again :) stay away from drugs ya!



Just said...

Hi. Waa.. bestnya dpt psg lagu kuat2 d ofis... tmpt sia lgsg nda buli psg. Tmpt urg limpas2 ba. lgpun, gila mau kena sound sama MD kalau dia tiba2 keluar dr bilik dia..

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Hahaa.. Just, tu la.. kami punya MD pigi klinik, trus tia jadi masuk opis ni dia haha... hepi gila ba. kuat ni kami pasang kalau teda tu bos2 suma

C.Alv.B said...

Bah bagus la tu..hehheehe