Monday, April 20, 2009

The Devil wears fake prada.

oh well. My monday sucks after morning. My morning? just fine, I woke up at 5.30am, and is the earliest morning for me this April. lol.. My brother going back to T'ganu already, continue his training for another few months. Anyway, im not in the mood @ the office today, our MD started her lion-attitude again today :P Nasib boss kan? Full moon kali. lol.

but she's not that bad after all, despite of being arrogant the whole day, she, indeed, still knew how to appreciate her workers. Cause she did finally noticed my bracelet after weeks, lol. She came to me this noon and stood at my back for like few minutes. i guess she took the precious few minutes to acknowledges the bracelet's existence. lol. why? basically, she'll always be the first person to notice our changes ; hair, clothes even accessories. and she'll say it loud, i mean, really loud. =_=

so she goes ;

Her : Waa.. nice bracelet. Where did you get it?
me : emm.. from my sister.
Her : Owh, she give you everything?
me : *confused* No.. [what everything?]
Her : birthday gift, is it?
me : No..
Her : what occ is it?
me :.. emm.. nothing?
her : *bingung*

5 minutes after, she asked me to go downstairs and bought her a macaroni. =_= Nasib boss kann? patut la kna puji2!.. and sucks!sucks! my fav bracelet accidentally broke into pieces. i even lost some of the crystals.. i wonder if it has something to do with a bad spell? lol. my mind going somewhere u dun wanna know. and the MD's face was linger in my mind~ lol. am i in love? lol. stupid one. lol.

I spent most of my afternoon with a thought of heavy rock stuck on my head, which leads to mentality abusing. lol. see, i dun even know what to write. anyway, the disease became worst when the MD asked me to settle the bank guarantee ; 25 minutes before the bank closed. and i had to walked on feet, as fast as i can.. sucks!sucks! luckily i still have 10 minutes left before the bank called it a day. i almost fall asleep waiting the staff to get me all the guarantees... huhu okay, i did it for 1-2 minutes? whatever. im the only customer that moment. muhahaha

i reached office around 1640+, and i saw the MD coming to me

Her: owh, you just had your lunch?
me: .. noo.. i went to bank kan..
Her : owh, okay.. so hows everything?
me: bla..bla..

at this point, i wish i am the boss. lol.
i set a goal to become one.

i reached home exhausted and tired!! im thinking of going to bed as early as i wash up. but nah, here i am, haha.. and it's almost midnight. hehe

tomorrow waits for me already.. so, nite2 everyone! cheers!

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C.Alv.B said...

We all have a bad day sometimes...