Monday, April 13, 2009


Im home @ kk already. Dayem. Times running freaking fast. Is it really compulsory for us to keep growing? To leave the past and continue breaking the wonders of the future? ..I feel Old, seriously... [ eventho my man said otherwise ] :P

Anyway, i met my childhood buddies this morning,stupid me, i shouldnt neglected them! after what they had done for me for these years. I was almost in tears. We hugged so tightly and kept jumping happily. Like a monkey get a banana. Hah! but who cares. I love them so deeply... but, I had to rushed back to taxi after lunch with my sisters. I really wish i went to see them yesterday, cause i was at home, lying on my bed - all day!

Headache attacked me again and again ; i need to take a nap to cure it cause Panadol wont makes me feel better. And im sooooo glad to see my man today :) with one smile from him, i know i can get through the rains :) lobiuuu!! hehe

sometimes it's okay to be crazy.

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