Monday, March 2, 2009

Wedding cheers!!

morning *wink*
just got back from Magellan, and phew.. it's almost 2.00am.
i drank aLOT of wine, 3 glasses? i cant remember, it's still alot for me.
and yeahh.. i dont drink it for nothing,
it's Sebastian's wedding day.

he married to an indonesian-chinese Debby,
the lads flew all the way from Jakarta
for this celebration.
Jane the ABC [ American-Born-Chinese ] is awesome.
we have the similar name :P
and OT, cameraman.
they used to call him Odd
but he insists it's OT [overtime]

the deco was fantastic!
i love the flowers,
the foods [ as always ],
the - aramaiti - session,
and Debby's wedding goun was soooo beautiful!!

and i met my very long-lost second cousin there,
but i didnt manage to take a snap with him.

i will upload the pictures soon!!

to sebastian Goerge and Debby Lim


off to bed z z z z z

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