Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lin Dan HOT!

i know, i know
im MALAYSIAN then should support MALAYSIA LEE CHONG WEI, i did support for him but i couldnt help from JIAYOU for Lin Dan tooo..
who cant resist his charm :P

it was a tough game for the first set [ 21-19 ] but it was easy for Lin Dan to defeat Chong Wei at the second set [ 21-12 ] and the result? as i expected :P

Here's the winner

dont he look alike this man?

now you know the reason why i like him :P

[Ninie, you're sooo bad!]
both were great actually.
if you can beat Lin Dan, then you're twice more greater.
fair, right?
after all,
this young man deserve a credit!
cause he beat Taufik Hidayat.
and my sister was in tears :P

haha nda ba.

Congrats to both :)


Mama Mia said...

ya kan Ninie, Lin Dan does look a bit like Jay Chou kan...

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

mama mia, sama kan hehehehe