Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesh > million times!!!!
my boss out for meeting in Sutera.
Just me and Poh left :P
h a p p y

ive done my works already baaah..

my parents going to meet us this evening
and im thinking of overnite with them :P
biar kacau daun!


i found these pictures in my pd.
since i have times to blog, i decided to include them also :P
Fish and chips tried @ Sungei Wang
not bad cause me and Beat were pretty hungry @ this moment ; we ate what we saw.
newingkat suda kan.
something i wont forget is when,
i was talking on d phone with my buddy beth and she asked me where i was that moment.
i said " sunggei weng.. " exactly like DJ Rudy and JJ always said in Hitz, with the "ng", i didnt realized the woman @ d shop listening to me.. tiba-tiba this woman cakap
" Nooooooo.. It is not Sunggei weng.. it is sungei wang.. the pronounce is S U N G E I = sungei, not sunggei "
i stopped for while,
and Beat, Jane, Rose, Bbey, Grace, Siah, Colas were also looking at me,
ketara dorang tahan ketawa ni, cause they know im kidding.
i shouldnt joked about that name.
and we saw JJ Lim/Lin too!!
captured from upstairs can also la kan..

Nasi lemak, our sarapan.

Roti Canai, RM0.70 [ kalau tia silap hehe ]

Amy, Am, Rose with unknow woman, muka penat shooping sd.

yes, mana2 ambi gambar hehe

sweet leenda and bF Pok :)

Me and Gleat, we actually wore the sme pattern-clothes that day:)

i said, everywhere taking pictures :P

and wee.. i tried to kasi makan ikan my feet!

ive always wanted to try this since me and hubby first saw the advertisement in 1B.

i need a course for self-taking-picture :P

kaki pindik!

thx for the POPO in that shop. she thought im Singaporean :P it was a mini shop @ Berjaya Times Square.

RM10/ Half Hour and it feel good to have the children-Talapia-Fishes eating your dead-skin hehe geli juga ni, sampai t'angkat-angkat kaki sa hehehe ba, nasib sikit sja sa jumpa pictures kan, cuba kalau banyak? hehehe..

anyway, Happy Thursday everyone!! Thanks for reading my craps hehehe


belleOFranau said...

yay!! friends day out ka? so jelouse...
lama sy nda meet my best buddy since im working..and they still study..nda ngam jak bah cuti...btw..siok juga kan kana makan kaki oleh tu ikan...rasa cam samut2 ni...

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

hehe... belle, siok ni kalau mua jalan2 sama buddies kan, even teda duit pun brabis jg mau ikut ni hehe.. geli tu ikan gigit!! haha tapi siok, trus sa rasa mcm bersih kunun kaki sa ba kana makan hehehe