Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning :)

Gud afternoon lads!
im a sleeping-not-beauty's princess!
i woke up very2 late and i escaped another mass today. not proud of doing it okay.

last nite,
me, my sis and cousins' from dad's side went to my big cousin a.k.a our big brother to his wedding-anniversary @ dis kampung [ seriously, i dunno the name ], just next to IB's mall.

they look perfectly match together!
and i wish the best for their relationship :)

i had some wines [ stanley ] :P and my leg aches again for a thousand times, and i really-really hate it cause i walk like baru beranak!
and it hurts. really hurts.

we reached home few minutes after midnight,
after sending back my cousins @ Luyang,

i thought of MCd along journey -_-
but we went straight home.
and i thought of eating Maggie after that
but i went straight to bed.

let these two be in my dream :P

will goiNg-out to buy groceries later but im still sleepy * yawn.. *

well, take care guys!

QRX 73 and drive carefull!!

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Gallivanter said...

Wines & McDs...mmmm...sounds potent! :-)