Saturday, March 7, 2009


im HOME now
and am glad cause it's been like.. a month since the last visit.
cheh, visit kunun :P
i mean, going BACK.
it's my hometown.
ranau, i Love U!
im going to update my blog today.
i feel sooo good cause
no one will
call my name and say
" Ninie, tu invoice.. cheque.. itu.. ini..and seterusnya "
they're very good in
bothering me from spending my precious-moment wif this dearest-internet.
they know who they are
buli sa bergumbira dengan tenangnya.
date : Feb 26th 2009
Venue : boyF's residence
it's Rosie's birthday.
i went to her house to celebrate it , well, altho i spent most-of-my-time outside wif the BBQ.
sorry ugou
the cake sedappp :D
so, they had this Chicken and Lamb to be BURNED!

again, sedapp

i know, BURNED sounds a bit cruel.
here's the birthday girl :)
God bless ya Ugou :)

Date : March, 1st 2009
Venue : Magellan Ballroom, Sutera Habour

hehe.. with so-not-malu nya, i begin the story with my own picture hehehe
p/s : the flowers are beautiful!
i was at Sebastian's wedding.
He's a friend and a brother to me
the reception's party was lovely,
the theme was Sky-Blue tho i wear Black-Pink.
before the reception's party,
they had a wedding-blessing ceremony held at the Garden
[Cocktail Party]
sweeeeet kann.
The newly-wed couple and me :)
Im in LOVE with Debby's dress!
she's sweet :)
Yam-Seng time!
His sister, the one who managed the party and OTT, indonesian cameranman.
he's very funny!
Afyn and Ugou :)
i wish these were a real cakes! :(
ada jugaaa... hehehe wif my everything :)
we actually did danced sumazau for lagu SAYANG KINABALU!!
and the party wont complete with these ;
well, some people do think the same.
we were forced to be one of the girls CATCHING the FLOWER!
it was funny,
Me, Afyn and Ugou did not even try to catch it.
we just selambanya watched it falling on the ground.
and we stand like this NegaraKu was played.
the bride had to threw back the bouquet for THREE TIMES
..her relatives managed to catch it
so, for Sebastian and Debby

YAM SENG!!!!!!!!!!


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