Thursday, March 12, 2009

a Little wondering

Good Day everyone!

tomorrow is another Friday 13th in this year
it is just a day ba kan,
why should we worry about that day?
kenapa aar?
unless you're somewhere in asrama or hutan.. baru da reason mau takut kan,
hehehehe [ jagala kamu ]

im going to Kg Nelayan tomorrow for BBQ Steamboat.
uuhh, i can smell the curry-uncooked-chicken already.
mari pigi ramai2!!


im thinking to jump to another company -_-
. . .

im doing fine with my work now, just dat ada kerja sampingan yang i HATE to do here and lagi2, IT IS NOT MY JOB.. it's somebody's and it is not mine.
and the sampingan work have nothing to do with the company.
and no matter how hard im trying to show her that i hate-est doing ALL that work,
im ignored.
next time, i'll talk in Dusun.

i HATE her and her for a million times.
the Boss asked me to work at least 2 years wt her
and i was like . . . . . . . [ no words to say ]
biar dia tkejut nampak love-letter atas meja dia nanti hihi

i know, it's recession time now
and sepatutnya, i cannot be that fussy,
how can i go away from these peoples?

bencinya saaaaaaa!!!



MissCheriLady said...

heheheheee...ninie ko tumbuk bah dia kalau suru ko buat kerja dia, pasut dia ka...ekekeeke

★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said... patient i'll kick them soon k.hahahah!!