Tuesday, March 17, 2009

7 is my lucky number!

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Seven facts about me:
1. I love to eat Tauhu
2. I love my hubby :P
3. I hate org-perasan-bagus!
4. Im a boring person :(
5. I love to travel. See other places :D
6. I love LITE.FM and all its music *wink2*
7. Im allergic to seafood *sigh*

Six unspectacular quirks:
1. I miss mount kinabalu. Everything about my-8-months there.
2. I will marah d person dapan2 kalau they deserve it.
3. I always think about my bed when im in the office :/
4. I'll get sad when i listen to a slow song. [?]
5. I wish to go Aussie. . .
6. I m thinking of wearing wig?


1 comment:

C.Alv.B said...

At least I know something about you.. :)