Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Talk

My boss belanja me and colleague Poh a Chicken Pie today ^^ now shes smell good! yeah. hehe the office feel quiet today ; only me, Poh and Boss herself here on the desks, the rest were in the Pacific for the tour. I'll be joining them this weekends *sigh* im recovered from my flu already and i dont know if i should thank my Boss. [ she gave me medicines, fyi ] Cause the good thing of having the cough and Flu until this weekends is, the boss wont let me go to Pacific and meet the guests.... But, Guess i dont have any choice. I dont even know if i can speak well front of Tourists after 3 years resting huhu..

Baby talk.
I was in my boss' room when she looked at her Telephone's Bill.
*sigh*sigh*sigh* thats what shes doing.
and i still looked at her ; with my invoices need to be signed.
she asked me " This is alot of number huh?"
me like usual just nod my head without explanation.

She then said " i called so many peoples, thats why the bills is this much " and kept looking at each of the numbers.
me again was like " oooo..." [ very short and clear answer! copy me hehe ]

" all of this are important calls ( trust me, i dont wanna know :P ), i dont do a baby talk you know " she continue saying.
suddenly, im smiling. baby talk?

i started to imagine.

The boss : ya..ya.. du..du.. doh..bu..bu...tu..te..
Client : guu..fuu...teee..ya..ya...ma.. ma..
The boss : ju..bruuppp....?
Client : OK.

Thats how i interpret Baby talk.
sometimes i just dont understand symbolism.

buddy Eil will go home this evening to chitchat ;
she bought a new notebook!!!
and shes thinking of applying Celcom Broadband this morning..
yeah.. tried to seriously warn her how freaking slow the CB is.

well, drive safety everyone!


Mama Mia said...

hehe..baby talk maksud dia cakap2 kosong bah tu kan...hehe..

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

mama mia, iya hehehe.. tapi len ni sa t'imagine hehe