Friday, March 20, 2009

OverTime = More Stress

*curi tulang sikijap hehe*

i'll be working on sunday and next saturday & sunday!
No rehat day for two weeks!!
The boss thought i'll be happy to know that [ i'll join them to do the big tour ], in fact, i dont. Saturday still can be accepted, but Sunday?
gila la sa ni lama2 huhu

harap2 da Actor Korean [ sa mau yg sana autumn in my heart,bukan yang last2 mati, yg kawan tu mati,.. tapi i forgot his name :P ], atau Jay Chou ikut tu Tour, sa volunteer lagi overtime o hehe amennn..

Another thing,
this sunday will replace my unpaid leave i took previously ; which is a good news ; but next sunday ; i wont be paid. I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! i should ask for 2 days off ; replacement for that sunday ; and my salary wont be deducted. [ hehehe.. ktawa pjahat suda ni ]

Happy friday anyway :)



Rosie said...

YERRRR. Syiok pula this tour2 agency? yg tempt kakak kerja. can jumpa korean lg that. T______T

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Rosie, hehe iya.. banyak type of tourist. kalau kana korean yg kiut2, okay la, tapi klu kena yang sot2 sikit.. duui, susa mau lwn ckp ni. mcm da tu tour guide korean, Kim nama dia. keras kepala btul tu org hahahaha jht o :P