Monday, March 23, 2009

Flu, pls go away!

been sick for weeks oo.
u know it's aint comfortable with your nose soo itchy and u keep scratching it for million times!
my boss saw me goyang2 my nose today ; and she kept looking at me ; i pretend i didnt see her.
cause shes the Master of Flu here in office [ haha ]
i bet she knew i got infected by her,

For once, i realized shes not that bad after all. :P She gave me a bottle of Vitamin C which i can chew it like a candy and Tablets for cold & Flu [ Drowsy and Non-Drowsy ], haha she reminds me of my dear mom, but my mum still the best.. hehe My Boss came to me and said "How u feel? feeling much better now? " and i was like .. " ya.. " i wish i explain further, seriously. Tho she showed her care tenderly, her garang face still haunted me and nothing can change that, well.. for now.

Another thing she said
" You have to eat something before you take these medicines , and this Non-Drowsy Tablets is for night so you can sleep well.. you have to eat the Vitamin C twice, u know, because it can cured your flu "

again, i was like.. " okay..... "

She belanja us a dozen of Chocolate Cup Cakes today ^^ i thought of capturing the picture of the cup cake, [because it looks soo mini-cute,] but i forgot that i lost my dear Hp weeks ago -_-

hubby got flu also.. :(

well, Happy Monday everyone!!


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AnGeL said...

been sick for weeks? oh goodness. i know how that feels. get well soon.. :)