Friday, October 24, 2008

Friend but not a friend # 2

it was sad to know when ur friends are not you FRIEND, the one who used to share a bowl of Maggie with you and the one who comment your clothes when you're look damn-ugly on it. Really. I mean, tell me, how do you feel when :


and after awhile, you defend her from others talked about her?

This is for her.

Dear you,

You lied to me about your willingness to help and complaint with your stupid BF about me( P/s : we called her jerk, sorry ) Well, i wondered, why cant you just told me in front of me and we sette it down? You know i wont eat you. Why must you talked about me in front of your forever BF and my friend for giving you so many troubles and other assess? Trust me, i did pay your stupid ***L, and i did asked your BF and YOU , if you have forgotten, that IF you willing to be that A**. I DIDNT FORCED YOU my DEAR FRIEND.

Well, Im Sorry,I just wish you find your happiness with your life that you choose. I cant accept your sweet kindness friendship anymore cause you are way too good to be our friends. And im EVIL enough to you :)


but still i wish we can save our friendship. tia syok ba begini.

Blurry. Confused. Doubt

Harap ko hepi la sama hidup ko kio?..


Sharon said...

hehe..sounds like i know this thing..biar la dia tue...bikin sakit hati ja mau pikir...

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

TRUE! hehee

★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

huhuuu...kawan ka lagi tu, tiapa la ba, at least ko tau la sepa kawan sepa lawan..hmmm..sabar ja la, mana2 ada jenis org mcm tu huhuuu