Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bundu Tuhan

Im in kk already after 2 days in kampung for my uncle's funeral, yeah.. it was his TIME to go and we cannot do anything but prays.. anyway, things that cheers us there was met my long-lost cousins, whom our brothers, the last time i met them was years before during my primary school.. im so glad to meet them. we talked, talked and talked.
also, all of my neneks there,
a sibling of my late grandpa and edu,
ive never met my edu (grandma) cause she's gone when we were still kids but we met her brother and my cousin said they're so much look alike :) weeee..
we shaked hands and he staring at us : probably thinking " whose daughters are they? "
sad. yeah, we have to pulang kampung often!! altho it's only 45 minutes from the town..

i was touched seeing this.
the blue cap was my edu's brother,
and the other one was my late grandpa's brother,
they talked ,
we all will going to be like this, someday...
and my brother was there too!! with my sis-in-law and her 5-month baby due next year and my sayang DAMIEN.. im sooooo happy to see my nephew cause it's been like months i havent meet my damien, so, he's growing up, and makin jajal, kids yeah.
my damien pulled my nose, laughing and kept calling his mummy to shows it..
damien, it's my nose..
and i kissed him million times :D
we learn abc together.. hehe

" I want my twingo aunty!!!"

3.30pm we headed back to kk, and my nenek hugged me before i step down the stairs.. :) it was my first time to be hugged by her.. cause she remembered me today :D..*wink* and she talked this in dusun "be careful along the way, if you seen me anywhere you must approach me, cause i have a bad memory and im old enough. dont forget to PRAY, see you, dont forget to pray..".. huhuu.. and i hugged her again :)

it's rain all the way.
we stopped at Taufik's for mee sup :)

reached home. i have my shower and i didnt realize im falling asleep.

and i looked at my hp, it's 21.35 already. Gosh! i havent done my website project. Urghhhh!! gotta submit it tomorrow, it's deepavali!..

happy deepavali everyone :)

gotta do my work~~~

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