Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mend the pieces of Broken Heart~

How to mend a pieces of broken heart.
Ive got a message from my ex-workmate-Just-Met cousin days before, asking me how to forget a guy.. It was rather a quick thought of me about healing this kind of thing cause the fact, im not PRO in dealing with feeling. I mean, it's easy to pretend.. right?

The truth, her lousy EX-BF leave her without telling her and kept her waiting for so long. I mean, whatta guy?! FOUR sms in one year? and the girl still have the reason to hang on. Poor her.

I know it's hard to accept the fact, knowing the man you adore is leaving you and the thought of being all alone is bear in your mind. Sometimes you wake up at night, crying and hold the pain. Pretending smiling in front of others and telling them.. " Im ok.." when in your heart holds millions pain and you cried so hard ~ deeper and deeper, keep millions questions "why"... and no one's even know how you really felt. It's hurt i know, we girls, woman and even a man felt the pain..

But we cannot let the past haunted us and allow it take the future. No. Why we should live with the past while we can have the future? Why we still shed a tear of a person who we know don't deserve the tears at all? It is yourself who can help you. Grow in yourself. Learn to take the facts and believe that EVERYTHING HAPPEN FOR A REASON. Would it be a rose without a thorn? ..

Stop blaming others for the pain you have. It wont heal even you cursed for billions times. It's just a little test from above to grow you stronger and teach you the importance of courtesy in life. Have to agree it somehow. God made us in pairs. If he's not going to be yours, someone will be. We don't know that while you're busy looking for a mate, someone.. somewhere.. is looking for you too .. so, it's OK to give a little rest sometimes :)

If God sees you need a mate, He will provide the right one at the right time. If there's still only you in end, believe that God has a plan on you.. Yeah, it's easy to say it with words but somehow, if you believe.. it'll worth in the end. I did and im thankful for my past. Cause i learn how to appreciate what i have now.

So, to my just-met cousin,J*****A~~ stop crying for him. If he's happy with his life now, why not you?.. B**** is a nice man tho, you should appreciate him by now :)

OK! i talked much today.. hehe so, here's something i wanna share with you ~ WHEN WOMAN GETS ANGRY ~ C'mon, woman got feelings toooo...

Hi Honey...had a little accident pulling into the garage today.. Sorry! Love you!
P.S. Your girlfriend called.

See, woman just an innocent creature who's trying to show her feeling.. no big deal :)


"Last Waltz should last forever..."

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