Thursday, October 16, 2008

CLUMSY -ever!

I went to our nearest ATM, withdraw some notes and went off. Soon as i arrived in my room, i realized that the money was gone, somewhere and i practically dunno where the H my money were. So, i search around, inside the books, pencil case, make up box ( just in case ), blanket, pillow and everything but NONE. huhu... I really dun have the idea where the money will be. So, friend Sharon and Cyaen tried to ask the man at our KOOP but still with the sad answer.

Bingung2 suda then i went shower, try to refresh back my old brain but still cannot think. Aiya! macamana mau balik ranau this friday teda tambang??..

Then i called Mum and Dad many times. but it left unanswered. Time urang mau gila ba teda kana sambut fon.. huhu.. then msg my sister.. suddenly bunyi msg my fon..


it was Gracie. my next door's friend. " Nie, brapa duit ko ilang tu? "

" RM** huhu.. "

" RM10 suma ka, tau pecah2? RM5? duit syiling da ka? mana ilang? "

" Suma RM10, br withdraw, lipat2 tu sebab dari poket. Tia tau mana ilang, OTW dr KOOP kali.. huhuhuhu " ~ Hoping she gets something.

" Oo.. Ok, da sd.. nanti sa bagi ko. Tq "

Weeee...Very short answer but it did makes me smile. hehehe it was her classmate who found it. just below my room. I know, im such a clumsy EVER. Learn to be smart now. huhu


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★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

patutla diam2 sudah, rupanya suda jumpa duit ko..oo diam2 ko ah, haha nasib sa nda pigi singgah ko kc ko duit tadi hheehehehe (sa pun pokai suda baa) Next time b crful, slalu mcm tu..haiyaa