Thursday, October 2, 2008

I need it BADLY!


Ohh Dear..
Ive FALLING IN LOVE with them
Im Sorry.
I just cant get off my eyes from these.
I really NEED them. Badly. So much.

Don't they Look Gorgeous??


My cousin owns one and it cost RM1800. For a girl like me, it's a damn BIG amount, and i cannot afford it.. Huhu.. so, im trying my luck asking my dad this morning..

Me : Dad.

Dad : Nunu ( In dusun = What )

Me : Can you buy me a canon camera * Describing *

Dad : Huh?

Me : Cannn? MySpace..

Dad : Nanti la lepas raya, mana satu? yang RM300 saja buli kan..

Me : MySpace erm...

Dad : Nantila.. * Walking away *

Me : MySpace..

I know, I should save some money from now.. In 1, 2 years perhaps, By that time, the new latest camera is in market already.

i WANT it.



Kobie Vanessa said...

muahahahahahhah!!!sereu tau camera RM300..heheh tiapa sa kaya thn dpn sa beli tu kamera tapi sa punya la, hahah sa kasi pinjam jg ko baaa..hahah

belleOFranau said...

hehehehe.....sang manah kau taru tu katun2 tu..ajar sy