Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grandpa, We Love You.

Yep, grandpa was here! He changed nothing and smells sweet as before. Talkative, still. The best thing about TODAY is that KM's families were gathered. Once in awhile i can say. Grandpa has NO clue about the surprise birthday for him -AT ALL. So, we had the party going on at my mum's younger sister's house ( how that looks ? ), and after waited for all ( aunts, uncles, cousins ) to arrive, we brought the cake to the upstair. Did i tell you i was damn excited the moment my cousins coming from the door? It's been TIMES! we hugged, jumped and even scream. Haha.. well, ~ Girlsss ~

Anyway, cousin Roxanne hold the cake. Cousin Dodoy turn the light off. And all of us - the grandchildren - sang the birthday song heading to the living room. Funny thing was, we cant find our grandpa, so we're looking around and found he's sitting at the corner of the corridor EVEN sang with us. he still sang the moment we stood front of him. From her eyes, we could tell " Who's birthday is it? " , Until Mum asked him to stand and blow the candles. It took him a minute to realize that the cake WAS for him. Before he blew, He paused for awhile, looking at US - his grandchildren - and gives us this pure meaningful smiles ( that you cant seen nowhere!) I cant forget the look.

Grandpa and Grandmum ( my Ahki and Mama ), with the chocolate cake. Holding hands -They still blushed even been married for years.

KM + PAPAR + RANAU = Cousins :)


After awhile, i realized that it should be NO boundaries for me to know them better.

Thanks to Hari Raya.

Christmas.. i cant wait!! :P

Ahki and Mama - We Love You!!



belleOFranau said...

heheh..undu'uiii~~di pun nolingan suda besday dia sendiri...emm..wutta happy family....
me too... ooo~~ cant hardly stantdto wait 4 christmas... hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

yang grandpa ko ni side mummy ko bah kan??
Romantiknya bah ur grandpa + grandma masih holding hand..sweet tul..!