Thursday, October 16, 2008

Postponed, pls.

So, today i called Mum, telling her that im going back tomorrow and she said, wait there @ KK, we go fetch you. woo.. i dunno what to say. they shouldnt have. Im a big girl liao lor. so, nothing will harm me if im not making it. But then mum said, ive got things to do there ba.. so, im like.. "errr.. okay.." :P ...

So, my supposed-to-be TEST was AGAIN and AGAIN postponed for tomorrow. My friends did took it Last August and it takes 2 months for to recover it back. Means that, im facing 3 things-to-do tomorrow.. Uhhhh... Quiz, Test and Assignment. *Cry*Cry* and im going to take the same subject test on this coming monday. i should add RAM in my brain right away!!

At this moment, im thinking of ~~~~ Working~~~~.. I cant wait to finish my studies. only 2 months left ~ HOPEFULLY~ amen. I hope i can get a job as soon im out of here. Any nearby BANK or some other financial institution means. Counting started to become my passion recently. ~~ Work~~Work~~ Is not that easy as studies AND so do studies. Vice Versa.My mind needs help. Please.

Suddenly the memories of my working day coming back...I remembered the moment i explained the map to a Japanese guy, it's a funny story actually. so, i told him almost everything about the chalet, parks, mountains, exhibition, trails, RESTAURANT and he answered me with ..." Ok.. Ok.. arigator.. Ok.." so, i ASSUMED he gets that info. So, with a pleasant-warm ( i guess?? ) smile, i said.. Have a nice day, sir and before i handed him the key. He's looking at me and guess what he said?.. " Ano..... Ano...... Risturant.. Risturant.. Where? " .. For 5 minutes im talking with the wind :P but cant blame him.. hehe hey, i love telling this to my friends. altho i sometimes keep repeating it. Funny ba.
Anyway, ive got a sms from my dear buddy, Cely minutes ago and she's telling me that our buddy, Moi will get engage tomorrow. What about the plan on SATURDAY moi???... Waaa.. i need her to get engage saturday. For real. I cannot make it early tomorrow huhu.. ive got the 3-things to do. And it takes 1.30 hours to go back Ranau. Moi ba, postponed ba. Huhu.. i cannot missed the moment she and Alex ex-change the ring. We promised each other TO-BE-THERE since we were kids. So, how can i miss that??.. Moi ba.. huhu...malam mana ada tukar2 cincin sda. there will only be beers for sure. huhuuu... - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo music
Moi ba... huhu...


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